65° 49′ 47″ North

I have returned to Iceland for the second time this year and after a brief spell in the city made my way north on a bus that was old and hot and is most definitely not on the bus company’s website. The bus was so poorly looking that at one pit stop one passenger got on a brand new shiny coach, our driver had to go get her otherwise she was heading back from where we’d come.

My previous trip had been during the end of winter when snow still fell pretty steadily and the days were tinged with blue light broken by flashes of colour when the sun would peek out. I had thought perhaps I liked winter more than summer but the 4 hour drive north through spectacular lush green countryside flanked by mountains has changed my opinion.

So where am I?

I am in Skagaströnd staying as part of the NES Artist Residency there.


2 thoughts on “65° 49′ 47″ North

  1. Thank you for doing this! I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland – Northern Lights, Orca, big skies, and beautiful geology etc – and seeing pictures from the place makes me want to go even more. And I always enjoy hearing what you’re up to, so do tell us more. Kate 🙂

  2. Yes i agree with Kate. Thoroughly enjoy reading your blog, especially since London is going to hell today with rioting and violence. I do envy you amidst all that clean scenic beauty. On a personal note, I grew up on the north coast of Scotland which is not dissimilar to Iceland (except we have no active volcanos): historically fishing communities with some farming. Hearing all the police sirens tonight (even tho i’m miles from the riots), it seems so idyllic.

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