Skagaströnd, Iceland

Depending on which literature or website you happen to be reading Skagaströnd has a population of 530…plus presumably the artists who come to stay on the residency. The town is in the northwestern part of the country and has one each of the shops and services that you might need which is fine after all I didn’t come for the shopping!

For the film buff who might have seen ‘Cold Fever’ and remembers the intrepid protagonist stopping at a bar seemingly populated by cowboys, I’m in that town. The bar still exists and I’ve already had a few beers in there.

The name of the bar is Kántrýbær and is the hometown of Hallbjörn Hjartarson who has promoted Country music in Iceland for decades through his radio station.

The bar really deserves its own seperate post and I will no doubt elaborate at some point.

The days are still long with it not getting really dark at night and the sun sets at 1030pm.

I keep my eyes wide open and am still surprised by the changing light throughout the day.

Its cool, bright and dry but the thing that is cold is the wind and at those times I realize why the Impressionists wouldn’t have come here. I can imagine a landscape painter wanting to paint the landscape en plein air only to either lose their canvas into the sea or watch it tumbling across the landscape. I’m not a landscape artist but even I find myself entertaining thoughts of drawing or painting the landscape…you never know.


One thought on “Skagaströnd, Iceland

  1. What beautiful pictures! The nights are drawing in a little here now. I’ve never been anywhere where it stays light all night or the sun just dips a little below the horizon. I’d like to experience that. With light and landscapes like that I can see why you’d feel inspired.

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