This post is dedicated to a film that I hold dear for numerous reasons some of you might know why and for those that don’t examine the page that links out below and see if you can find the answer. Can’t offer a prize but if you figure it out, well done!

The picture though really tells the story though and while playing the game last night I was reminded of the film ‘Moon’ which some of you might know.

I like many of us have moments of indecision, doubt and perhaps don’t always appreciate what I have done or have been fortunate enough to have done so far in this life.

Yet moments like these remind of good times past and present.

Was the tone of that post a little maudlin?!

I’m not sure if I write too little or just enough…also it being me, you’ll have to bear with me and my technical issues at times!


2 thoughts on “‘MOON’

  1. we are in all in transit on this plane, sometimes forgetting our own path as we continue to look onward to our future, but then little moments come along and we glance back to the past, and i feel those moments hold enough insight about our journey and ourselves to keep coming back to us in key moments like the waves of a tide. until then, why not be here now?! cosmic kisses & vortex hugs, ana

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