From afar

It’s very strange watching the events in England unfold and then seeing the videos that the BBC website will allow. In some ways I am not that surprised given the strange culture of instant gratification that has been on the increase. If I think of  TV in England there are so many reality TV programs where the prize is a certain amount of fame or even financial that why would people want to get a job and work their way up. Perhaps an overly simple take on things but those working for the police and ambulance services get paid a pittance compared to some jobs.

One that has struck me as unusual here and with my mind conditioned to assume the worst in teenagers is that the teenagers here do the maintainance and upkeep of the town. They do get paid a small wage and I see them painting things, picking up rubbish and mowing lawns. I asked one of the teenagers if these were the ‘bad’ kids getting punished but it’s not community service but just something they do for some summer money.

I’m still not sure what to think of the trouble in England but I am distanced both physically and by a sense of detachment that I find difficult to explain.

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