Kántrý Dagar

The thoughts and pictures may not always be quite in chronological order either as I’ve taken time to get pictures from others or not processed my thoughts yet.

For the moment I’ll try and best illustrate and show what I can from the weekend that just passed. As I mentioned earlier the weekend was the Kántrý Dagar  (Country Day) and the town was decorated with bunting and other strange sights like…

I’ve actually discovered that I don’t seem to have as many pictures as I thought I would now that I look through my pictures which leads me to the conclusion I must have been drinking too many beers to take pictures… :s

So I’m working on this post by looking at the schedule of events and trying to recall what I was doing!

Friday I was in the studio where we had the odd visitor during the day ranging from curious kids to adults, 7pm stands out since everyday is a kind of ‘what shall I eat today?’ A dilemma more often dictated by what is in the store on any given day. For most of us staying at the residency free soup in the marquee was dinner. We all had seconds, it was a good soup!

Then it was onto see the bonfire which drew the largest amount of people I’ve seen in one place so far while here.

Then it was onto drinking various drinks…no pictures there.

Note written to myself though that I discovered on Saturday morning…’0438h Drunk as a shark (meant skunk but handwriting had gone by then) returner (should be ‘returned’).

Yes, I was a little hungover next day…and things were kind of in slow motion for Saturday up to a point…

Saturday, it was noticeably colder and I even put the pea coat that I’d brought with me. I felt bit of a numpty when I was leaving England wearing a jumper and a pea coat while everybody had summer clothes on but then they didn’t know where I was going…

I put some paper on the wall during the opening hours of the studio and with some prompting got visitors to complete the sentence where possible. Not everybody wanted to add anything though…

What we have there as far as I can tell or from what Google translate tells me which is not always accurate is as follows:

Art is…untouchable, red, fun, storm, thoughts, beautiful, great, living, black, feeling, creation, sweet, babysitting the artist, Karen, Eva.

I’ll leave it there for a while, I had hoped to have one word written after the other horizontally but somehow it turned into a vertical column.

After a dinner that went slightly awry in that we were under the impression that we could buy meat and then grill it in the marquee between 1800h-2000h. We did the got meat part but there was no sign of a BBQ in the marquee at 1900h so instead returned home and ate there. Then it was back out and I found myself off to hear a little bit of some old boys playing before hearing one of the locals who works assisting the residency singing.

Then it was onto the bar where I caught up with some of the other artists who were already beer in hand. The theme of the days is Country as in Country and Western so lots of cowboy hats…I got to borrow one for a couple of minutes on Friday…

There was a band playing in the bar and the music was loud but good. We’d all seen the odd local person going about the town but whether it was the beer or the festival being a reason or an excuse for being forward a good and lively night was had by all. At some point during the night all female artists had lied about being married to ward off potential suitors…there were other questions that weren’t always just about where we came from! Some comments were eyebrow raising but it never turned nasty.

I was told by one woman that her cousin and this is a new phrase for me:

‘My cousin is f***ing alien horny for guys like you, you need to meet her!’

Sadly I never got to meet the cousin that night…

And yes it was after 0400h again when I got home… :s

Don’t worry I won’t make a habit of it!

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