They come in Pink.

The weather has turned colder and rainy and windy in other words Icelandic weather but if you dress appropriately it’s not really the end of the world. What we didn’t expect in the studio this morning though was four girls all in matching pink rainwear.

We get the odd curious kids coming in usually in pairs, initially the first pair to visit were the girls I christened the ‘Trampoline Girls’ who spent most of their days jumping up and down. They first introduced themselves as ‘Dr Sexy’ and ‘Dr Arse’ but we’ve since learned they’re actually called Thelma and Gunna. I didn’t really believe that ‘Dr Sexy and Dr Arse’ were their given names…

So another pair of girls came in over the last couple of days and they come to look around and to draw. They gather that’s we’re doing and so the first thing they want to do is to draw something. I’m running out of wall space as I seem to get presented with a new drawing each day to put on my wall. I don’t know if it’s a consequence of my clumsy attempts at bad Icelandic but the kids seem to enjoy trying to tell me things in Icelandic or they could be just telling me something I don’t really want to know!

Only 4 pieces of work on the wall belong to me!

There is definitely a ringleader in the new kids who’ve been visiting in their fetching pink rainwear. I’m hoping she doesn’t know the 2 finger gesture that she’s showing in the picture but at the same time it wouldn’t surprise me if she did! She also presented me with one of the street decorations from the Kántrý Dagar with a screw still attached to it! Going to have to watch out for her. She also spied my almost finished packet of biscuits behind my laptop and mugged me for them!

With our four visitors is Hiroko, one of the artists staying here. This photo looks like it should be for some kind of album or for a music video…

‘Hiroko & The Girls from Skagaströnd’ – ‘The Rainy Day Remixes’

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