Not the outdoors type…or am I?

I’ve never really thought of myself as the outdoors type, you know the sort thick woolen socks, Berghaus jacket, trousers, matching underpants or the young ‘I want to be just like Bear Grylls’ without the camera crew ‘extreme’ hiking, adventurer.

I haven’t even been camping as an adult! That said I’ve never worn a tuxedo as an adult either maybe I could combine the two and go camping in a tuxedo but I digress.

I have now been in Skagaströnd for 17 days and not even visited the next town 23km away. The urge hasn’t really been there that said I am going to Reykjavík tonight and tomorrow night and will return on Sunday. I have my daily routine and walk 10 minutes to the studio stopping each day to see what surprises the light will make to the view. I see the same dogs sitting outside and say to them ‘Morning Dog’…they don’t answer yet. 😉

The clue that the season will be changing can be seen in the town either obviously as one house is being clad but mainly in the amount of homes that are getting a lick of paint in the primary colours that are favoured here.

Behind the house that I am staying in is a headland area called Spákonufellshöfði and a couple of evenings ago I found myself wandering up there quite happily for an hour and a half. I saw nobody else which appealed to the hermit in me but the birds and at one point felt slightly jealous of the seagulls. They looked like they were having the time of their lives circling over the water and the land around me.

Hmm, the outdoors isn’t bad at all…

One thought on “Not the outdoors type…or am I?

  1. Enjoying reading your blog – especially the pink clad biscuit muggers! Seems Iceland does it for you, enjoy the rest of your time there.

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