Nothing to do with drugs…I mean ‘pot’ literally in the sense of cooking!

On Sunday one of the artist’s left early to go to Sweden and since I knew I wouldn’t be here for her last weekend, so it was decided that we would have a farewell dinner for Hiroko with the other artists. One of the things that the residency does in the first or second week is have something called Pot Luck whereby the artists and some local residents bring a dish or literally a pot of food and everybody shares. Its a terrific idea and ideally I would have shown you pictures from that one but we just dived straight in and I don’t think anybody took a single picture! Well here’s a picture from the one we held on Thursday night:

There’s pasta, fish soup, marinated pork chops, stir fried vegetable noodles, chicken,  Australian rissoles, goulash, dumplings, cheese & ham toasties and cakes.

It was a good night with various quantities of alcohol being consumed as well as well a two rounds of ‘exquisite corpse’ being played by 10 artists. For those that don’t know what it is, a piece of paper is folded into in our case 5 sections and each person draws in their section without letting the next person see. I’m afraid I have no evidence of the resulting pictures which have now gone off to Japan via Sweden.

Concentrating on their psychological drawing tests…

Its all gone…

And just to prove that I was there…

Ordering alcohol may never be the same as one of the things we learnt from Hiroko was not to ask how strong a drink was but ‘what percentage?’ of alcohol was in the drink, depending on the drink consumed this would become a one word statement/question: ‘PERCENTAGE?’. Anything with a low percentage was deemed to be ‘juice’ and not worthy of being drunk.

Luckily we’re in a small town with very little traffic as she kept forgetting to ride on the right side of the street!

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