Open Studios 22nd September 2011

As the month draws to a close and many of us pack or have already left the studio, I find myself a little reflective although I know I will see a lot of these people one last time on Friday in Reykjavík at how lucky I was that I had the opportunity to meet a diverse group of people from around the globe.

Last Thursday we held an Open Studio and the studio was cleaned and each person put out work either in progress or finished in their space. It was a fairly good turn out and interesting as well for us to meet some faces and to receive feedback on our work.

We had been unprepared last month for a visit on the Open Studio date and I wish that we could have been more in the state we were this month when a party from Baer came to visit. We managed as best as we could and I met one artist Emma Lindsay from Australia and then through an evening class pamphlet that had a name that  was clearly not Icelandic, I also met Vicki also from Australia who I saw on her blog knew Emma. Does that make sense?!

I was fortunate to be able to meet Vicki at her home and to hear the amazing change she has taken in moving to Iceland from Australia. I also learnt another Australian term…’sea change’. I seem to pick up Australian-isms (that’s for Emma who loves -isms’ ;)) each time I’m in Iceland. There’s ‘Servo’ from Joseph, that’s petrol station or gas station if you don’t know. My favourite still has to be ‘Doona’ from Christopher in Melbourne. I first heard ‘Doona’ via text message when I was asked to get his ‘doona’ from his room. My reply was ‘WTF is a doona?!’ It’s actually nothing more sinister than a duvet.

So I was very pleased when Vicki came to the Open Studios that evening to see what we’d been up to…

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The artists from September were:

Annika Bastacky | American |
Ben Borden | American |
Dario Lazzaretto | Italian |
David Ertel | American |
Hideki Arichi | British |
Ingeun Kim | South Korean |
Joseph Breikers | Australian |
Lily Angotty | American |
Matthew Shelley | American |
Mia Hochrein | German |

There are more pictures at from Ingeun.

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