Not the Iceland I had in mind…

Well, it’s been a month and its strange the things you miss.

I missed London’s Chinatown not for any spectacular or elaborate meals  just the lunch staple of Crispy Pork & Chicken on rice, decent pub carvery lunches and pie, mash & liquor.

What do I miss about Iceland?

Definitely the quiet, I miss the kids coming to check on the artists, I miss going into Reykjavík to meet friends for drinks, I suddenly missed those rectangular biscuits filled with vanilla flavoured cream today, chocolate with liquorice in it, hot dogs, Appelsin, bitafiskur and even Fiskbúðingur!

I miss the sea and the open landscape and the big skies that fire the imagination.

So where am I?

I’m back in England dividing my time between Hatfield and London…


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