Kyoto Market, busy, more of which later.

I rode the Shinkansen to Kyoto which is better known in the west as the Bullet train, if anything its more like a plane on the interior and puts Inter City to shame although it does come at a price.

The vibe in Kyoto is very, very different from Tokyo while the area has been dramatically effected not directly by the disaster in Japan last year, it seems many of the tourists have yet to come back.

To me Tokyo works on a vertical plane with the skyline dominated by skyscrapers where else is having lunch on the 38th floor not that unusual other than Chicago perhaps.

Kyoto on the other hand while in possession of tall buildings has maintained the majority of its older buildings and those don’t stretch upwards like skyscrapers. In that sense Kyoto in my mind works on the horizontal.

Tokyo is also dominated by a near steady stream of people like ants or one of those National Geographic videos of those streams of red crabs on Christmas Island. Kyoto has a large population of bicycle users who ride on the pavement.

One thing that has irked me in Japan however and I understand they’re starting to catch up with the rest of the world is that smoking is still allowed in bars and restaurants. For a supposedly cutting edge country there are still a large amount of smokers of all ages.

I have been here in Japan for just over a week now and will try to catch up with the things that I’ve been doing in the past week. I haven’t been as free with my picture taking due to working commitments and not being able to sightsee nor feeling inclined to take shots of things I have seen before but will try.


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