How much!?


Whether we like it or not and whether or not you believe that it makes the world go round or not, it’s a part of our lives.

Making artwork with the intent to sell it raises the question of how much should I charge?

Do you ask yourself how much would you pay? Do you try to imagine yourself as a potential buyer?

Why is one piece of work so much more than another? Is it the size? Is it the precious materials that may or may not have used?

What price creativity?

What price the artists time and labour?

What price was the frame if you’re looking to purchase framed work?

If you’re buying from an exhibition or gallery bear in mind that the gallery will be taking commission up to 50% of the selling price.

So if you half the selling price that will be what the artist will getting and we haven’t mentioned the cost of their materials yet.

If you’re an artist and reading this ask yourself how much would you like to be paid an hour?

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