I feel a certain sense of disconnect from the world, in part this might be partly geographical but also mental.

We can feel affection for places and despite people taking the higher ground of claiming not be attached to material things, we cannot help but me driven towards or feeling affection to ‘things’.

But is it as simple as being around or having access to the people that you meet in your lifetime with whom you have a genuine sense of affection for that makes certain places worthwhile?

Perhaps the musings on here are becoming increasingly philosophical in their musings.

When really readers are just looking for a travelblog. Let me know what you think.



Of the three ways in which we try to make sense of the world via the Internet this is the one that seems to get the least attention from me.It is a particular investment of time and one that is not so easy to do. I rarely plan blog posts and so make them up as I go along.

I use Twitter increasingly as a method to put thoughts and ideas out there in a more quickly and somewhat random method. If read all together those thoughts and ideas rarely carry a narrative.

The other is Facebook which it seems like many I fall in and out of ‘like’ with. It serves to validate our lives in a strange way or that is my opinion of the need to share everything from the banal to a strange form of bragging although that may not be the intent. Nobody really posts the bad stuff on there, think about it.

Has the blog replaced the diary? Or is it an online method of graffiti? We all strive to make our mark on the world in some way.