Studio time

I applied for and got a studio space in June this year out almost in the middle of nowhere, that said the main road can be damn noisy outside despite being surrounded by fields. i have no view out of a window other than skylights.


Since I pay for it I figure I should use it, maybe I don’t as much as I could due to my somewhat erratic lifestyle and occasional bouts of work.

Its a good space that I occupy and I find myself there because it allows me to try to make work or to discipline myself into doing things that I don’t do when at home for whatever reason.

I’m not sure what I was expecting but quite often I have the whole building to myself which is great at times for it allows me to listen to what I want and for a certain peace in solitude or was I expecting a livelier building with discussions about art and artists?

Although at other times I do wonder where everybody else is perhaps they have better things to do on Sunday afternoons than sit in the studio listening to the traffic and jazz.

I could/will paint or carry on with online tutorials for design software as soon as I’m done with this quick observational post.

I might just walk around shouting at the top of my voice…



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