What sort of words and content do I put here?

I wonder what do I want to share here on this page on the internet.

It’s evident that sometimes we have questions and thoughts that we do want to share with others.

Sometimes it’s things that we are happy to share for some reason with strangers that perhaps we are destined to never meet.

Other times there are things that people that you know will read yet you don’t share it with them in person.

Where do you go with what to share?

One thought on “What sort of words and content do I put here?

  1. Hello Hidecki
    Nice to come across you on the web – I particularly liked the watercolors you created – I am also a printmaker artist and have visited Iceland twice. I have good friends there. I was wondering if you have ever tried to make watercolor monotypes ? They are a delight to make and can also be the basis for further work using various techniques. I recommend using polypropylene as a plate material. You also need gum arabic liquid to rub onto the surface of the plate and allow to dry – doesn’t take long maybe 15 minutes at most. I like that you can work on the plate and then let it dry overnight. My blog is printmakingart.blogspot My portfolio website is ainescannell.com.

    Let me/us know what artwork you have been making or thinking about making. Also how you make things and any little experiments you try out while doing the printmaking. Thats it for now. I love blogs – to me they are
    more personal that twitter and all that stuff – Facebook takes too long to load and there’s so much junk and trivia on it. Sometimes it is useful though I have to admit. Take care.


    living in Scotland

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