Japan July 1st-2nd Getting in…


Where does one start when writing about Tokyo?! Everybody to a certain degree knows of or has heard of Tokyo be it from popular culture to current affairs, its reputation spreads far and wide.

Here’s some quick information about Tokyo, its the largest city and the capital of Japan. With a population of over 13million there is enough there to get quite immersed in for days to weeks to months. However it is also just one part of a country…

I left London on July 1st choosing to fly on a non-stop flight sure there are cheaper options with a stop somewhere in Europe but I’ve never chosen to fly that way for fear of lost luggage and just the desire to get on the plane and get it over and done with. In the past I had flown with Virgin Atlantic and enjoyed the flights and their customer service alas as of this year they no longer fly into Narita as Virgin Atlantic, it may still be possible to fly with a code share airline however the price is a lot higher. So it was that I flew with another carrier, all trouble free although the service could have been better from an indifferent flight crew.

Not much to say in regard to the flight other than despite buying magazines to read on board which I didn’t do, I somehow watched 4 films and a couple of TV shows.

If you need to know the films were:

“Midnight Diner”, a Japanese film about a diner in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, where all kinds of characters drop by to share and solve their troubles under the watchful gaze of “Master” who runs the diner.

“While We’re Young”, an American film about a middle aged couple who initially find their lives reinvigorated by a friendship with a couple in their twenties.

“JupiterAscending”, an overblown Sci-Fi opera from the Wachowskis (They of “The Matrix”) has some grand ideas and visuals but ultimately is not that memorable. (I appear for the briefest of seconds since I occassionally work as an extra, kind of weird seeing yourself on screen while sitting on a plane.)

“Get Hard”, Will Ferrell is set up to take the fall and assumes that the man who washes his car has prison experience and pays him to make him “hard” for life on the inside.

The reason the title of the post covers both dates is because the days pretty much rolled into the next. I left on the 1st but with Japan being 8 hours ahead of the UK it became the 2nd July when I arrived.


I use the limousine bus from the airport more for convenience since it stops at many of the major hotels or at least close to the ones you might be staying at, a lot of people prefer to use use the train something I’ve not tried yet.

My telephone told me that it was 23º with humidity at 94% although the first thing I noticed was the rain…

I stayed in Azabu Juban, a neighbourhood, a somewhat expensive neighbourhood given its proximity to Roppongi and Hiroo. It would necessarily be my first choice but due to initially travelling with my mother, I was able to stay in an accommodation normally reserved for visiting academics.

For me it was both familiar and unfamiliar to be back, I had stayed there once before and a strange déjà vu struck me. As somebody who looks Japanese but is not fluent in the language, I have a strange experience of being and not quite being.

The rest of the day to me was unremarkable with a decent lunch of soba later followed by an evening sushi meal in Roppongi.


It strikes me that in both trying to recall and to write in a way that is entertaining may prove to be difficult and so I shall ask for some immediate feedback and try to give the readership such as it is, some of what they want by asking, what do you want? Or are you happy for me to continue in this somewhat episodic chronological fashion?

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