Vík & Dyrhólaey

With spirits lifted by Jökulsárlón and with a sense of elation at having seen such a wonderful sight we headed back. The weather had become much better than the early morning that’s not to say it hadn’t cleared up though.

Although it did allow the chance to see Reynisdrangar which are the black basalt columns rising up from the sea, that adorn every postcard and bit of merchandise to do with Vík. Unfortunately we couldn’t get closer to them due to the sea which was one of the roughest I’d seen during my stay in Iceland.

Vík is one place I’d like to see under fair weather conditions as well although I’m glad to have seen it under mildly stormy conditions.

On the way out of Vík, there is a place called Dyrhólaey and turning off here to have a look would be the final stop before heading back to Reykjavík.

From there it was a straight drive onto Reykjavík and as darkness fell I couldn’t help but be pleased that the trip had been made. As always when you drive back from somewhere, the journey seems to take that little bit longer or seem further away than when you started as instead of that journey into the unknown which is fueled by anticipation you retread past ground.