Thoughts on travels in Japan

I intend over the next few weeks depending on interest as well to write about a recent trip that I took to Japan.

In the past my travel writings and thoughts took on the form of a diary with things fresh in my mind or at few days old.

This last trip I traveled without a computer nor tablet(not that I currently have one) but only with an iPhone which proved to be more than adequate for the most part.

My travel schedule as well as the small screen of the phone were enough for me not to consider writing entries as I went along.

What sort of words and content do I put here?

I wonder what do I want to share here on this page on the internet.

It’s evident that sometimes we have questions and thoughts that we do want to share with others.

Sometimes it’s things that we are happy to share for some reason with strangers that perhaps we are destined to never meet.

Other times there are things that people that you know will read yet you don’t share it with them in person.

Where do you go with what to share?